SUN MAR 31: In-Store Tarot Readings

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Next Date: Sunday, March 31ST from 1-5pm.
Each reading is 30 minutes long and costs $40.

Tarot is an amazing tool for guiding your intentions, setting goals and connecting to your intuition. Tarot acts like a mirror. It reflects your current energy flow into the universe and reflects back the current situation, the past influences and its possible future course. When we are looking for more clarity around a situation a reading can help guide us down the path that leads to the best possible outcome.

Paige has been reading tarot for eleven years and teaching tarot for the past two. Her approach to tarot reading is guided by the central aim to empower people into being able to create change, gain clarity, and walk away feeling connected and uplifted.

Please book your time below. Paige accepts cash or credit payments at time of reading.

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