*Single Incense Stick

Brand: Inca Aromas
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Want to try a single incense before committing to the full box? Please write out the names and quantity of the single incense you would like to try in the order comments field under shipping options when placing your order.

Choose from:
Estoraque (Black Styrax) gentle, vanilla
Palo Santo citrus, pine, mint
Benjoim (Benzoin) cinnamon, vanilla
Breu-Branco (White Breu) forest, fresh, balsamic
Olibano (Frankincense) smooth, balsamic
Mel (Honey) warm, sweet
Rosas (Rose) uplifting rose
Capim-Cidreira (Lemongrass) bright, crisp, citrus
Priprioca woodsy, spicy
Arruda (Rue) herbal, fruity, strong
Cedro (Cedar) woodsy, sweet
Sandalo (Sandalwood) woodsy, spicy, earthy
Mirra (Myrrh)sharp, dark, slightly bitter
Pitanga soft, floral, fruity
Lavanda (Lavender) herbaceous lavender

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