Liver Tonic

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This Liver Tonic is a blend of gentle liver cleansing herbs to help support and aide healthy liver function.It acts as a liver stimulant to encourage cleansing and movement. These are all herbs that address the liver, digestive support and blood cleansing.
This is a tonic that can be taken daily as a form of preventative medicine - helping aid, clean and tone the liver. But it can also be taken in acute situations where we have taxed our liver ... after a night of drinking or heavy meals.
Some benefits to cleansing your liver: a better attitude! Liver deficiency shows up as irritation & anger in our emotional experience. Cleansing your liver can improve skin conditions, rashes, eczema, inflammation. It helps clear up brain fog, which is also a side effect of a deficient liver. These are a few benefits and the list is long!

Oregon Grape Root, Burdock, Yellowdock, Sarsparilla, Sassafrass, Dandelion Leaf & Root

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