Incense - Salvia Branca / White Sage

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earthy, cleansing
Salvia, known in English as "sage", has the origin of its name attached to the Latin salvare, word for "health".Salvia is used in purification rituals of tribes and peoples around the world, in the form of smokes, but also ingested or transformed into medical ointments and pastes.

It is one of the four ancestral herbs used to date by American people in spiritual rituals, being known as the plant of immortality.Perhaps it is the most powerful plant for the purpose of energy purification offered by Mother Nature.Purification, renewal of energies and well-being gathered in this powerful force of nature known as White Savia.

Box with 9 rods of handcrafted incense.
100% natural, handmade, therapeutic, and non-toxic.Each rod burns for approximately 120 min.

White Sage, Inca Vegetable Compound, Charcoal, and Bulk Salt

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