Incense - Priprioca

Brand: Inca Aromas
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woodsy,spicy, sweet

Exclusive to Inca Aromas, Priprioca is a medicinal and aromaticrootof the Amazon. The aroma of Priprioca united with the natural incense Breuzinho brings the strength of the earth, of the anchoring of ourselves in the here and now.Its aromatic roots are used intensely in the formulation perfumes and also in the high Brazilian cuisine. When cut it exudes a delicious fresh, woody, spicy, and at the same time, sweet fragrance.

Box with 9 rods of handcrafted incense.

100% natural, handmade, therapeutic, and non-toxic.Each rod burns for approximately 110 min.

Inca Vegetable Base, Priprioca aromatic concentrate oil, Charcoal, Frankincense and coarse salt

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