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citrus, pine, mint
The "Palo Santo", name of Spanish origin, could be translated as "holy wood" or "holy wood".Used by healers, mystics and shamans in several Latin American countries and also by indigenous cultures of North America, the Palo Santo has a sweet and sweet aroma, ideal for rituals of purification and replete with millennial energies present in the daily lives of people of forests.

Compared to an American version of cinnamon, the palo santo was adopted over time by the "new" religions that were arriving in the Americas.Native to the Andes and present in pre-Columbian civilizations from Peru to Mexico, Palo Santo is believed to act upon human memory by invoking powerful memories and recovering long-lost ancestral energies.

Box with 9 rods of handcrafted incense.
100% natural, handmade, therapeutic, and non-toxic.Each rod burns for approximately 120 min.

Palo Santo, Inca Vegetable Compound, Charcoal, Frankincense and Bulk Salt

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