Flora Sleeping Beauty Mask

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1 ozThis isn’t your typical gel formula. There’s absolutely no filler. FSBM is made with 100% Plant nutrients and not diluted with water. Fresh and organic aloe vera leaf pulp delivers balanced hydration, while the organic night flora extracts shrink pores and blemishes down to size. The organic ingredients in this elegant jelly include healing antioxidant polyphenols and antibacterial properties to give skin a supple, fresh-faced finish, perfect for rejuvenated looking skin for the morning to come.A soothing overnight moisturizing mask for normal - sensitive - dry - tired - sun damaged - acenic- rash - combination skin. Like a full night of sleep in a jar, this innovative leave-on gel mask features effective ingredients that work overnight. The non-greasy, non-sticky formula leaves skin looking dewy and hydrated.With the intoxicating scent of Tuberose flora, that generates a feeling of relaxation to prepare you for a pleasant sleep.USAGE:  Use at night as the last step in your skincare regimen, just before going to bed (PM) Gently spread mask onto face &  décollete and leave on while you sleep.

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