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March Herbal Workshop Series

Join Sidney Shindle of Veritas Wellness for a two part series to explore, understand and remedy the effects of stress on the body and mind. With a focus on herbal medicine and nutritional therapy, this series breaks down how we can work through stress and its effects on our nervous system, digestive system and sleep patterns.

I am Calm
Thursday, March 8 6:30-8:30pm
$45 (or both for $70)

Learn the science behind stress and anxiety and how to work through it naturally. Discover how stress affects your sleep, energy levels and thought patterns. This workshops aims to teach you how to identify your stressors and how to support yourself during times of stress with nutritional therapy and herbal medicine.

- custom blended herbal teas
- palo santo

I am Nourished
Thursday, March 15 6:30-8pm
$35 (or both for $70)

Learn about the gut-brain connection. This workshop aims to teach you how stress can affect your mood, digestion and your body's ability to heal. Leave with a better understanding of how to heal yourself from the inside out, starting with the gut.

- custom blended digestive tea

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Learn more about Sidney through her website and instagram.