Diviner Hair Oil

Brand: Wildwood
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1oz | 50ml

A moisturizing treatment oil with healing extracts of black spruce, wild yarrow, palo santo, and horsetail to stimulate and nurture healthful, lustrous hair. Apply a few drops to fingertips, and work lightly into the ends of wet or dry hair. Use sparingly for fine hair. For deeper repair, apply liberally to dry locks and wait 20 minutes before lathering with shampoo and conditioner.

Key Points:

- A rich treatment and smoothing serum to help prevent flyaway hair, and nurture dry or split ends.
- A stimulating combination of ingredients which helps to keep hair follicles healthy, reduce dandruff and improve circulation and growth.
- Apply very sparingly (1-2) drops to DRY hair to smooth / de-frizz.
- Apply 2-4 drops to WET hair and allow to dry naturally for shine and lustre.
- For a full hair treatment, apply liberally to hair from root to tip, massaging into scalp. Leave for 20-30 min, and vigorously shampoo out, followed by conditioner if needed.

This is a pure oil, enriched with healing herbs and flowers. It will have a different texture than traditional 'hair serums'. For best results, use sparingly until you find the amount that suits your hair thickness and texture. Shine baby, shine!

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