Clay Mask - Sisku | Bentonite Clay

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SISKU is highly absorbent and best suited for oily skin. Bentonite clay is helpful in drawing toxins out through the skin and works great for a deep pore cleanse. The coconut milk is soothing and softening while full of vitamins and adds a lovely coconut scent.
SISKU is from the Mi'kmaw language meaning MUD. The name was carefully chosen by C. Mitchell aka @born.in.the.north. This word has been used to identify clay pottery and thus we used for our Bentonite mask.

TO USE: Mix a small amount of water into a palm full of clay. Paint the mask on using fingers avoiding the eye area. Allow to dry and rinse with warm water. Pat face dry & moisturize.

Bentonite clay, coconut milk power (non-gmo, also includes tapioca syrup)

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