Clay Mask - KÎSIK | Kaolin Clay

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An extremely mild Kaolin clay, KÎSIK cleanses while helping to stimulate circulation to the skin. Kaolin clay doesn't draw oils from the skin so it works especially well for people with sensitive & dry skin types. The coconut milk is soothing and softening, while full of vitamins and adds a lovely coconut scent.

KÎSIK is from the Cree language meaning SKY. The name was carefully chosen by S. Poirier aka @friendlyicegnome. We thought the name fit well with the colour, texture and feeling of the clay.

To use: Mix a small amount of water into a palm full of clay. Paint the mask on using fingers avoiding the eye area. Allow to dry and rinse with warm water. Pat face dry & moisturize.

Kaolin clay, coconut milk powder (non-gmo, also includes tapioca syrup)

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